• Website Development & Design:

    BriarMoon Design offer full service website development & design services.  All code is designed to be 100% functional, normalized, and valid to current standards. All new work include social media integration and on-site SEO. We can also develop custom forms, databases, and full featured web apps. Graphics such as logos can also be designed and created.

    The website design process can be whatever works best for you

    • Based on a detailed description of how you want it.
    • Built up from a basal idea that you have.
    • Built to be similar to a different site.
    • Built by us to best-match what we perceive to be your audience, your preferences, and functionality.

    Generally code our code will be written primarily in PHP, HTML 5, and CSS. Depending upon the required functionality other languages and web standards may be used such as JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL etc.

  • Website Hosting and/or Maintenance:

    We are experienced with all aspects of from system administration (Linux, Mac or Windows). Let us host, maintain and monitor your site so you don't have to worry about it. Whether your site is small or large we can tailor a package to work right for you including options such as email, (S)FTP access, Canadian or American data storage locations, regular maintenance or automated monitoring.

    If you prefer a more hands-on or cheaper option we can also provide hosting and let you do the management. We have experience with providing secure hosting even against targeted hacking attempts.

  • Application Development:

    Got a task that would really be better to be done automatically rather than by hand?
    How about a special record keeping requirement?
    Or do you need to edit a lot of files in the same way - like adding a copyright string or resizing images?
    Then a custom designed application to do exactly that might just be the thing you need. Depending on the specifics of the situation, desired workflow and budget our recommendations will run the gamut from full featured application to minimilistic command line and use various languages and technologies such as Python, MySQL, 7zip, etc.

  • Spam/Virus/Hack Recovery & Prevention:

    One of our specialties, we can get your site back up and safe after a hack or provide preventative maintenance and security improvements.  See more details about our Website Recovery (and prevetention) services and some suggestions on  what you can do to minimize your risks.