Drupal Association Election

Drupal Association "I Voted" sticker

As some (hopefully) most members of the Drupal community know, there is an election going on for a board member right now. The public part of the process started back in February with a self-nomination period and voting is going on until 18th. Anyone with an account on Drupal.org prior to February 1st is eligible to vote as long as they've logged in within the last year.

We strongly urge anyone who can vote to vote; but our management has strong preference for a functioning democracy in general despite its flaws so we're often telling people to vote. You can see all the candidates and then vote for them on Drupal Association site. There are a bunch of candidates that we really respect and in general it's a pretty good slate of options. Our lead developer strongly considered it but decided not this year. If he had decided to do it, then we would be suggesting him as the best vote but as is, read/watch and vote for whoever seems best to you.

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