Drupal Contrib API Documentation

For developers, code and API documentation is very important, just as important as regular documentation is to most users. We always place a high value on proper comments and documentation in all of our projects. For a while we've been using the Drupal API Module for a self-hosted documentation site for our own Drupal modules. Recently, though we've decided to move that to public for any public modules that we or any of our developers are involved with/have released.


So, as is the case with many development firms, our developers are constantly investigating new things, improving workflows and reading stuff from other developers. In the course of this, and day to day development tasks, we've started to amass a body of knowledge that is worth sharing. So we have a new plan: a weekly tutorial. Sometimes it'll be very simple, other times it will be more in depth; depends on busyness and if we have anything interesting to say.

The plan is weekly on Tuesdays (Pacific Time or GMT-8). We have a few weeks planned: