About BriarMoon Design

BriarMoon Design is a full service web development firm and proponent of open source. We are located in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada (specifically, Victoria), however, we are strong believers in remote work and collaboration through the vast array of technologies at our disposal. We have worked with clients and projects through out North America and occasionally, much farther, for example Drupal module development for projects in Australia.

We focus on cost-effective ways for clients to get their websites off the ground to match their budgets and timelines. One of the ways we work to reduce costs is to use open source software and contribute back as well. This increases mastery and encourages further development. On the front-end side, we use a variety of JavaScript and CSS with a focus on enhancement if JavaScript is available. Not all users will be able to use JavaScript so it is best to have the site work without and use JavaScript to make it better - "Progressive Enhancement". We specialize in Drupal, although we also work with WordPress, Joomla, Symphony3, plain PHP and even HTML5 based sites with no CMS.

All our sites are built by default to be responsive, mobile friendly and SEO ready. Due to our interest in enhancing performance we supported the porting of the Advanced Aggregates (AdvAgg) module to Drupal 8.

While we love open source, we also are familiar with propriety software and can work with your existing site if desired. That said, yes, we likely will suggest migrating to an open source product (especially Drupal 8 if that is a fit) if it is a big update anyways.

Our Open Source Commitment

Most code that we develop that is not very site specific (usually themes), we release back to the community. It only makes sense and is the right thing to do. We gain from other developers, users and corporations contributions to the ecosystem and the best way to foster that is to contribute back ourselves. So yes it is the right thing to do but it is also an investment with dividends returned many times over. Just in the course of jobs we often find and fix bugs and if we didn't contribute those fixes back, we'd have to keep track of them internally and apply those fixes on new projects.

So our open source commitment is:

Wherever and whenever possible we will release our code with an appropriate open source license and provide support for it as feasible. Moreover, BriarMoon Design will allot at least 5% of developer hours to open source projects at our developers discretion. To encourage our clients to use open source options, we will provide discounts whenever their projects lead to contributions back (for example bug fixes).

As an example, our lead developer is the current designated maintainer for View Slideshow (one of the top 30 Drupal modules).