BriarMoon Design can cater to all your development and design needs. Although focused on internet technologies we also have experience with desktop application development using languages ranging from C family Python to Powershell & Bash scripts. Although specialized somewhat in Drupal (5-8) CMS sites, we are well versed in other common CMS platforms such as Wordpress and Joomla.

BriarMoon Design has always supported open-source development and our lead developer, Nick Wilde, has thousands of commits in various open source projects over the last decade - such as Wrye Bash mostly in Python 2.x, PyFFI (Python 2x & 3x), Drupal and various Drupal Modules. Discounts will be applied if work on your project leads to commits to open source projects.

We can develop any scale of website from single page landing to a commerce site with thousands of products or a user interface with thousands of users with varying permissions. For one commerce site that BriarMoon Design was brought in to fix, we discovered a rare bug that could prevent deletion of orders and Nick Wilde developed a new Drupal Commerce contrib module, Commerce Order Force Delete, which was released for any other users/developers that may experience that bug.

We are also very experienced in "de-hacking" damaged sites and of course if fixing that leads to discovery of a security bug in an open source component of your website, there will be a discount for you. See our services page for more information about mobile friendly development, email and website hosting and maintenance or feel free to contact us with any questions.