Welcome to BriarMoon Design!

BriarMoon Design is a small open-source focused web development firm, located in Victoria BC but serving clients throughout North America. You can read more about our vision, and our open source commitment on our about us page.

We can develop any scale of website from single page landing to a commerce site (with experience with WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce and UberCart) with thousands of products or a user interface with thousands of users with varying permissions. We also provide maintenance, hosting and many other development services such as site recovery and virus removal. You can read more in our services section or feel free to contact us with any questions.



Drupal Contrib API Documentation

For developers, code and API documentation is very important, just as important as regular documentation is to most users. We always place a high value on proper comments and documentation in all of our projects. For a while we've been using the Drupal API Module for a self-hosted documentation site for our own Drupal modules. Recently, though we've decided to move that to public for any public modules that we or any of our developers are involved with/have released.


Getting the parent node of a Drupal 8 node

There are some circumstances that you want to get data from the node one level up a menu from your current node. However, doing that is not self-explanatory since there isn't actually any direct relationship between the nodes.I'll be referring to the nodes as "parent" and "child" for simplicity despite this.