Welcome to BriarMoon Design!

BriarMoon Design is a small open-source focused web development firm, located in Victoria BC but serving clients throughout North America. You can read more about our vision, and our open source commitment on our about us page.

We can develop any scale of website from single page landing to a commerce site (with experience with WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce and UberCart) with thousands of products or a user interface with thousands of users with varying permissions. We also provide maintenance, hosting and many other development services such as site recovery and virus removal. You can read more in our services section or feel free to contact us with any questions.




So, as is the case with many development firms, our developers are constantly investigating new things, improving workflows and reading stuff from other developers. In the course of this, and day to day development tasks, we've started to amass a body of knowledge that is worth sharing. So we have a new plan: a weekly tutorial. Sometimes it'll be very simple, other times it will be more in depth; depends on busyness and if we have anything interesting to say.

The plan is weekly on Tuesdays (Pacific Time or GMT-8). We have a few weeks planned:


Including Patches in Drupal Contrib Modules

Very occasionally in building a Drupal module (especially for 7.x), you can't actually quite do what you want to do without a change to another module or core. Every effort should be made to avoid that but there are instances that it is truly required and the right method. If on your own site it is pretty easy to document, commit to version control etc - still questionable but doable. However if it is for a public module, it has been problematic at best but there is a way to reduce the pain.